Max Learning's Digital Dozen

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1. bit   2. Byte   3. Code   4. Data   5. Program   6. Chip   7. CPU   8. RAM   9. ROM   10. Computer   11. Peripheral   12. System

Who's Who?
"Who cares what a bit is as long as I know which buttons to push?" asked B.P. "When do we get to do something besides memorize boring terms?" groused T.E. "Actually, I find this stuff kind of fascinating!" remarked C.W. "Not me," groaned K.N., "I'm completely overwhelmed!"

In my years of teaching, I've met students with widely differing computer capabilities. Perhaps you'll recognize yourself, or someone you know, in the fictional characters below. They are composites of various students I have known.


K.N. (Know Nothing) claims to know absolutely nothing about computers. Highly competent in his own profession, he's perplexed by computers, fears them, and doubts his ability to learn what he needs to know about them.



B.P. (Button-Pusher) has been using an office computer for years. Taught to press certain keys to make things happen, she's fine--until something goes wrong. Then she's lost and has to wait for someone to help.



T.E. (Trial & Error) taught himself to use computers and knows quite a bit about them. But he makes more mistakes than he'd like, and when someone shows him a time-saving feature, he exclaims, "If only I'd known that six months ago!"



C.W. (Computer Whiz) has taken numerous hands-on classes and can perform wonders on the computer. Her co-workers rely on her for help, which she gladly gives. But deep down she feels that she doesn't really understand how it all works.