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Digital Dozen
12 Steps to Computer Literacy!

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1. bit   2. Byte   3. Code   4. Data   5. Program   6. Chip   7. CPU   8. RAM   9. ROM   10. Computer   11. Peripheral   12. System

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Technology is great...when it works!

When it doesn't, the more you know, the better off you'll be.

It's no secret that most users are intimidated by computers, especially when something goes wrong.

Even if you can't solve a technical problem yourself, wouldn't it be nice to at least be able to describe the situation to a technician without feeling totally lost or incompetent?

If you want to increase your confidence and take control of your computing experience, the Digital Dozen can pave the way!

It whittles computing down to 12 key terms and presents them in a friendly question/answer dialog format coupled with useful memory hints.

For optimum learning, begin by clicking on the Who's Who? link above, proceeding left-to-right across the top row of topics. Then travel in order from 1 - 12 through the Digital Dozen.

Happy computing!

              Max M. Learning


                                           * San Diego, CA