Max Learning's Digital Dozen

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1. bit   2. Byte   3. Code   4. Data   5. Program   6. Chip   7. CPU   8. RAM   9. ROM   10. Computer   11. Peripheral   12. System

Digital Dozen Categories

Software (Terms 1 - 5)
Software consists of off/on settings represented by bits, organized into bytes, and translated by codes into data and programs. You can't physically touch software, but you can touch the media (tape, disk, CD, etc.) it's stored on.

Computer Hardware (Terms 6 - 10)
Computer hardware consists of electronic chips, primarily CPU, RAM, and ROM chips, that make up the computer itself. You can physically touch hardware. However, without software to tell it what to do, hardware is useless. 

Peripheral Hardware (Term 11)
Peripherals are devices attached to the computer such as: printer, disk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, modem, port, optical disc, speaker, etc.

System (Term 12)
A system, whether standalone, networked, or online, is the combination of software and hardware that makes it possible to do productive work on the computer.