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Math Wall, struggle, motivation, what's good about math... Why Math?
Nuggets of math wisdom; wall posters. Math Maxims
Past photos of Max's zany guests, seminars, and tutoring. Math Photos
Sharpen your mental multiplication and division skills. Math Card Tricks
Play a motivation, history, and techniques guessing game! Math Apples
Natural, whole, integer, rational, irrational, imaginary, complex numbers. Face vs. place value. Positional notation. Expanded notation. Reading decimal places. Rounding numbers. Large numbers. Scientific notation. Number Nations
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, priority of operations (pemdas)... Arithmetic Action
Tell if a number is divisible by another without actually dividing. Divisibility Dreams
Commutative, associative, distributive, identity, inverse, zero... Primary Properties
Extracting factors, prime factors, GCF, LCM... Factors & Multiples
Exponential operations, square roots... Exponents & Roots
Fractions, decimals, percents... Fraction Fun
Variables, equations, linear, quadratic... Algebra Antics
Shapes, angles, perimeter, area, volume... Geometry Gems

Word-story problems: proportion, conversions, rate (travel, work, cost...), percent (interest, markup, discount, mixture...) & more.

Worry Problems
Mean, median, mode, quartile, percentile... Statistic Stunts
Probability, combinations, permutations, odds... Probability Pranks
Logarithmic operations... Loco Logarithms
Matrix operations... Matrix Mashups

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