Why Math?
Discover why math is such a challenge for so many.
Find out what's good about math and why you will want to master it!
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Math Welcome!
It's no secret that most people dislike math, including many who have to teach it! Math is a "foreign" language that can leave you lost and bewildered. But once you "get it," math can be the most fun in the world. Leap over the "Math Wall" and learn how "Math Can Make You a Millionaire!"

9 pages


Math Issues
From mindless drill & practice to New Math to Whole Math, generations of students, teachers, and parents have struggled with math. What's the best approach to learning math? How can mistakes be minimized? Why is attitude so important?

3 pages

Math Tips
How are math memories formed? Why should you keep a Math Log? Are algorithms good, or do they just complicate things? What should you know about paradoxes? Meet SeeMore, KISS and Make Up (your own problems), and teach others to improve your own math skills.

4 pages


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