Math Maxims

Math Maxims are nuggets of wisdom that will supercharge your math efforts!
First click on the figure on the right to learn the secret behind each maxim.
Then click on each Sign below and print and mount copies (with poster putty) around your room. It pays to memorize and follow each maxim!

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Relaxed, Uncluttered, Focused, and Flowing - The Learning Frame of Mind!

It doesn't matter how fast you are if you get it wrong!
Rushing through problems can lead to mistakes.

Twice done is well done!
Cover your answers and re-solve problems to ensure correct results.

Double Check with a second Tech(nique)!
When re-solving, use an alternate method so you don't repeat a mistake.

Estimate to Trap Mistakes!
Make sure your final answer is reasonable.

Right Answers Matter!
Making a good effort is great, but real-life math demands correct answers.

Keep a Math Log!
There's too much to know, so write down new techniques as you learn them.

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