Fraction Fun!

Nothing causes more math anxiety among children and adults than fractions - that is, until they get to algebra! And when an algebra problem contains fractions, look out! The rules for working with fractions can seem inconsistent and confusing. For example, when must you have a common denominator and why? Why should you reduce? Since decimals and percents are just fractions, why bother having all three?

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Fraction Fun Materials
Fraction Fun Cover
* The front cover lists the major topics: Multiplying Fractions, Dividing Fractions, Adding Fractions, Subtracting Fractions, Decimals & Percents.
* The back cover answers the question: Why Fraction Fun?

2 pages

Fraction Fun Funbook
This FunBook covers all operations on fractions and their close cousins - decimals and percents - including how to convert from one to the other and back. This handout starts with the Table of Contents and ends with the Answer Key.

56 pages


Fraction Fun Slides
These slides summarize the main topics from the Funbook and are suitable for overhead projection. Don't miss the Spotlighting technique for adding and subtracting unlike fractions.

14 pages


Fraction Ops
Summary sheet of fraction operations. Proper, Improper, Mixed, Equivalents, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. (Until the following sections are completed, see the Fraction Fun Slides.)

1 page

What is a Fraction?
POW to create Part of Whole. Divide across fraction bar membrane to melt tablets into liquids. Share food on the table. Meet Proper, Improper, and Mixed Number cousins. Compare Like vs. Unlike fruit on the bottom.
Making Equivalent Fractions
Multiply Muscles, Division Diet
Multiply Muscles to build skinny fractions into muscular ones. Put overweight fractions on a Division Diet to reduce them to a trim, healthy weight.
Adding/Subtracting Fractions
Spotlight, Multiply Muscles, Crush & Spotlight
Add common fruits. Spotlight or Multiply Muscles to grow same fruit beneath. Crush Common-Factor fruit to avoid overeating.
Multiplying Fractions
3Ms: Merge/Melt/Magnify; Common-Factor Tablet
Merge fraction bars, Melt vertically, Magnify across. Dissolve Common-Factor Tablet to reduce before magnifying.
Dividing Fractions
Dive the Divisor, Circle the Earth
Standard Fractions: Dive the Divisor; Complex Fractions: Circle the Earth.
Fraction Fence
Melt & Magnify
Melt & Magnify several multiplied fractions.
Improper to Mixed and Back
Bed-to-floor, Half Spotlight
Naughty Improper fraction jumps on bed which crashes to floor. Shine a half spotlight on Mixed Number to make it behave Improperly.
Comparing 2 Fractions: Top Spotlight
Which is greater: 3/5 or 4/7? Can you prove it? Shine a Top Spotlight on them so the hungry Mouthman (<) (>) can choose the larger one to eat.


6:44 minutes

Comparing 3 or More Fractions: Double Top
Arrange from lowest to highest: 3/5, 4/7, 4/8. Double the tops of each carrot and sort into the appropriate bin. 
Blowing DeciBubbles
Can you arrange the following decimals from least to greatest: .1, .01, .101, .0010? It's easy once you learn to blow and pop decibubbles!
3:15 minutes
The Language of Percents
Is 1000% a lot? What is the difference between 50% of an item and a 50% increase in an item? Does a 100% increase equal or double the original amount? How about a 200% increase?

2 pages

Fraction = Decimal = Percent    
Max's Fraction Wheel
"Spin" the wheel to convert fractions to decimals to percents and back! (Until the following sections are completed, you'll find explanations for each technique in the Fraction Fun Slides.)

1 page

Fraction to Decimal: Rack to Deck    
Decimal to Fraction: Sink & Sprout    
Fraction to Percent: Heave the Hundredth    
Percent to Fraction: Pound the Percent    
Decimal to Percent: Double Dip Right    
Percent to Decimal: Double Dip Left



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