Exponents & Roots

Exponents and Roots are mirror operations. Exponents cause a number to be multiplied by itself to create a product--it's a shortcut for repeated multiplication. Taking the root of a product discovers the original number.

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Exponent Ops
One-page summary sheet of exponent operations that follow below.
Exponents Expand; MAD, RAM, MUK, Screen, & Root bees.

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Exponents Expand
An exponent (power) expands a base (bee) to make a product (hive).
23 = 2 × 2 × 2 = 8
MAD Bees
To multiply bees with same bases, Merge bases and Add exponents.
22 × 23 = 2(2+3) = 2
RAM Bees
To Raise a bee to a power, Multiply exponents.
22)3 = 2(2×3) = 26
MUK Bees
To multiply bees with same powers, Multiply bases and Keep exponent.
22 × 32 = (2×3)2 = 62
Screen Bees
To change the sign of an exponent, fly bee through fraction bar “screen” to lose/gain negative “antenna.” Also: Flip Popsicle Bees
-3 = 1/23 ; (2/3)-4 = (3/2)4
Root Bees
Numerator = Power; Denominator = Root.
43/2 = 43
Roots Text Video
Square Roots
What is a Square (tooth)? What is a Square Root (root of tooth)? Extracting a Square Root (dentist). Perfect Squares. Table of Perfect Squares. Non-Perfect Squares. Estimating Roots of Non-Perfect Squares.

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Manual Square Roots
Square Sir, T-DAM Sir!
Use this algorithm, similar to long division, to manually find square roots when you don't have a calculator.

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