Algebra Antics

Why do most people panic when it comes to algebra? In a word: variables. How strange that letters, which seem so natural when used for words, become frightening when used with numbers. Think of a variable as a magic box that can hold any size number. To tell boxes apart, we paint a different letter on each. Your goal is to find out what's in each box -- without opening them! And that's where the fun starts!

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Algebra Antics Materials
Algebra Antics Cover
* The front cover lists the major topics: Terms & Expressions, Variables & Equations, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Word Problems.
* The back cover answers the question: Why Algebra Antics?

2 pages

Algebra Antics FunBook
This FunBook covers terms & expressions, variables & equations, linear equations, quadratic equations, and more. It includes 20 pages devoted to solving numerous types of word problems including geometric, travel, financial, work, mixture, and conversion problems. This handout starts with the Table of Contents and ends with the Answer Key.

80 pages

Algebra Antics Slides
These slides summarize the main topics from the Funbook and are suitable for overhead projection.

17 pages

Equations Ops
Join Al Jabr as he discovers the hidden contents of a treasure chest and shows you the five major steps of solving algebra equations with WAC Golden Plug!

2 pages


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