Number Nations

Like people, numbers belong to various nations each with unique characteristics.




Natural, Whole, & Integer Numbers
* Natural: Cardinal, Ordinal
* Whole: Zero + Natural
* Integer: Negatives + Whole

3 pages

Rational & Irrational Numbers
* Rational: Fractions, Integers, Terminating/Repeating Decimals (F.I.T.R.)
* Irrational: Non-Terminating / Non-Repeating Decimals (N.T.R.)
Real, Imaginary, & Complex Numbers
* Real: Rational + Irrational
* Imaginary: √-1  = i
* Complex: Real + Imaginary
Prime & Composite Numbers
* Prime Number: Exactly divisible by 1 and itself only.
* Composite Number: Exactly divisible by 1, itself, & at least one other number.
Positional Notation
* Face vs. Place Value
Expanded Notation
* The Importance of Zero

5 pages

Decimal Numbers
Determining decimal place values.
Round Numbers
Rounding numbers to the desired place value. Front-end estimation.
Includes a Rounding Tool for whiteboard demonstrations.

5 pages

Large Numbers
Manipulating numbers that contain lots of zeros.
Letter symbols. Floating bubbles.

2 pages

Scientific (Squeeze) Notation
Squeeze the spring to compress very large or very small numbers into compact sizes. Release the tension to expand compressed numbers to full size.

6:35 minutes

Absolute Value
The distance of a number from zero on a number line.
Roman Numerals
Converting Roman Numerals to standard numbers.

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