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We live in the digital age and are surrounded by computers. Yet even people who operate computers daily rarely use them to their fullest capacity. Investing some time in learning more about computing can pay big dividends in productivity.



Digital Dozen: 12 Steps to Computer Literacy
Technology is great...when it works! When it doesn't, the more you know, the better off you'll be. This friendly introduction to bits, bytes, and other key terms will keep you from being totally lost when things go wrong.

21 (web) pages
Computer Op Orders
There's more to operating a computer than technical skills. These 10 mental and practical techniques will get you in a productive frame of mind and boost your chances of computing success.

2 pages
Software Basics
With the hundreds of features in today's software, learning even one new program is overwhelming. In this intro, you'll learn about being on The Software Roller Coaster, and The Strategic Approach to mastering new programs, then read what others have said about Max Learning Computing materials.

The following topics expand on the 5th term of the Digital Dozen: Program.

5 pages
Operating System
An Operating System is a collection of programs that control the computer system.
The four main areas of Operating System or OS (oh-ess) control are:
* Hardware
* Programs
* Data
* Housekeeping

10 pages
Word Processing
Word Processing programs let you type text onto a computer screen, make modifications to the text if desired, and print the text to paper.

23 pages
A spreadsheet program lets you spread many numbers over an entire sheet of your screen then label the numbers so you know what they refer to. Formulas you create automatically calculate desired answers!

SS 48 pages
DB 12 pages
Just as military personnel and equipment are stored on a military "base," data is stored on a data "base." Database programs allow you to organize, store, and rapidly search for and sort data.


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