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Faster than a dictionary!
Speeds up the game for all players!
Improves scores!
Teaches new words!


Scrabble®Aid is for you if:
* You're looking for a concise, portable word list to study and learn words between games.
   - or -
* Your "house rules" allow the use of dictionaries and guides to find or check words during play.

* Players won't waste time trying to come up with nonexistent words (like a two-letter word that contains C).
* It's quicker than thumbing through a dictionary for possible words, or challenges to opponents' words.
* Your game scores will improve as your Scrabble vocabulary expands.

ver 2900 easily-searchable items, with over 2200 unique words, are conveniently listed on a double-sided sheet of paper and conform to the U.S. Official Scrabble® Players Dictionary 4th edition (OSPD4).

  • All 2-letter words (great for "playing parallel").

  • All 3-letter words for every letter in the alphabet from A - Z.

  • The 7 best letters to retain for building words: R, E, T, A, I, N, S.

  • Words that start with or contain the high-value letters J, K, Q, V, X, or Z (counters).

  • Over a hundred prefixes and suffixes to help create 7-letter words (bingos).

  • Words that contain mostly vowels or all consonants (dumps).

  • Words that end with B, C, H, A, I, O, or U.

  • Consonant blends/doubles and vowel pairs to help form words.

  • Word-making tips: embeds, reverses, playing parallel.

Printing/Folding Options
Click on the thumbnail picture above to download it as a PDF file.
¡     In Adobe Reader*, click on | File, Print | and select:
     -- Current page
     -- Page Scaling: None
     -- Auto-Rotate and Center

Print Page 1.
¡     Turn the sheet over in your printer.
¡     Print Page 2 on the back.
Fold printout into three or keep as a flat sheet (laminate if desired).

* Options may differ if the PDF opens in a program other than Adobe Reader.

 Scrabble® is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc.
SCRABBLE® is a registered trademark. All intellectual property rights in and to the game are owned in the U.S.A. and Canada by Hasbro Inc. and throughout the rest of the world by J.W. Spear & Sons, PLC of Enfield, Middlesex, England, a subsidiary of Mattel Inc. Mattel and Spear are not affiliated with Hasbro.

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