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We live in the digital age and are surrounded by computers. Yet even people who operate computers daily rarely use them to their fullest capacity. Investing some time in learning more about computing can pay big dividends in productivity.



Digital Dozen: 12 Steps to Computer Literacy
Technology is great...when it works! When it doesn't, the more you know, the better off you'll be. This friendly introduction to bits, bytes, and other key terms will keep you from being totally lost when things go wrong.

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Digital Dozen: Wall Chart & AcroMaps
Software Basics

Operating System
Word Processing
A handheld calculator displays one number at a time. A computer spreadsheet lets you spread many numbers over an entire sheet of your screen. And it lets you label the numbers so you know what they refer to. Instead of performing manual calculations, you create formulas that calculate for you. But the true power of spreadsheets is revealed when you change numbers: Your formulas automatically recalculate new answers!


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