Troubleshooting Tips

To view videos you may need:

MP4 Video Player
Most videos have been converted to the universal streaming .mp4 (motion picture 4) file format and should begin playing right away on any device.

Windows Media Player
Videos still in the proprietary .wmv (windows media video) format will download before playing. If needed, click on the button to the right to get Microsoft's free video player. Select the version that works with your operating system (e.g., Windows 10, OS X). Mac users may be directed to download Windows Media Components for QuickTime.



A High-Speed Internet Connection
A low-speed connection should work if you're patient, but for optimum performance, the higher the speed the better. If you don't have a high-speed connection, perhaps a friend, school, or library does. Write down the desired web address and enter it on their computer.

You may have to wait a few seconds for an .mp4 file to "buffer," but the video should start playing before the entire file is downloaded. If your connection is slow, the video may pause occasionally while fetching the next scene.

Download: You must wait for a .wmv file to download completely before it begins playing. If nothing happens after several minutes, look for the file in your Taskbar or Downloads folder and click or double-click on it. If your connection is slow, or a video is long, click on the link to start the download, then do something else while you wait. You'll generally hear the video when it starts playing on its own.
To view handouts you may need:

Adobe Reader Software
Most browsers will open Adobe .pdf (portable document format) files, but if yours won't, click on the button on the right to get a free copy of Adobe Reader software.



Still Have Problems?

Please email and describe the situation.


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