Troubleshooting Tips

To view videos you need:

Windows Media Player

This is a free program from Microsoft that plays .wmv files. Click on the button on the right to download a copy. Select the version that works with your operating system (e.g., Windows 8, OS X).

Mac computers: You'll be redirected to "Flip4Mac Windows Media Components for QuickTime" by Telestream, which is available for a small fee.



A high-speed Internet connection (for best performance)
You may have to wait a few seconds for a video file to "buffer," but the movie should start playing (streaming) before the entire file is downloaded. If you don't have a high-speed cable modem or a DSL connection, perhaps a friend, school, or library does. Write down the desired web address and enter it on their computer.

Windows 10: Your browser may download the entire file before it begins playing. If nothing happens after a few minutes, look for the .wmv file in your Downloads folder and double-click on it. 

Dial-up Modem: Some people have successfully viewed videos over a slow-speed, dial-up modem, but it takes a long time to download files; e.g., a 1-minute video clip might take 5 minutes to download. Tip: Click on the video link to start the download, then do something else while you wait. You should hear the video when it starts playing on its own.

To view handouts you need:

Adobe Reader Software
This is a free program from Adobe that reads PDF (Portable Document Format) files. If you don't already have it, click on the button on the right to download a free copy.



Still Have Problems?
Please email and describe the situation.