Printing Tips

Printing with Adobe Reader - Recommended Settings
* Print Range: All or Current page
* Page Scaling: None

Note: Click on | Printing Tips | or | Advanced | for more features.

To save money and the environment:

View documents online

As much as possible, read documents on screen instead of printing them. Work out given problems on scratch paper, or print just the problem sheet instead of the entire document.

Use Overhead Projection
If the proper equipment is available, teachers can project online images onto a larger screen for the entire class to view.

Print in draft mode

Change your printer preferences to print in draft mode which is faster and uses less ink.

Print in black & white
Change your printer preferences to print in black & white to save on expensive color-ink cartridges.

Print double-sided
Unless your printer is capable of automatic double-sided printing, print one side of a sheet, then manually reinsert it and print on the opposite side. If your printer has the option, choose to print only "odd" pages, then reinsert the stack and print only "even" pages. Experiment to see which direction (face up or down; head first or last) and order (first to last; last to first) to feed in the sheets, making note of it for future printouts.

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