Outdoors: Navigation

Finding your way around a city with a street map can be challenging. Finding your way through the wilderness is even more so. While GPS devices can guide the way, it's important to have map & compass skills when the electronics fail or batteries die. And if map & compass aren't available, natural navigation is your last resort.




Navigation Basics
PATH = PAth to There Here
* Three Goals: Where am I? (Here), Where is it? (There)
   Which way do I go? (Path).
* Two Realities: True & Magnetic.
* Two Tools: Map & Compass.

Map Basics
A map is a scaled-down image of a geographic region. The scale determines the relative size of the  region and its features. The grid specifies exact locations. The legend identifies numerous details.
Topo Maps
Topographical maps use contour lines and other symbols to depict terrain features and elevation changes. This makes them ideal for navigating wilderness areas.

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Compass Basics
Map & Compass Navigation
Natural Navigation
Using the earth, sun, moon, and stars.
Monocular Magic
Pro: More compact than binoculars.
Con: Harder to spot objects.
Solution: Look & Lift.

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